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Chandeliers are back in vogue and they are a real eye-catcher!

In our chandelier range, you will find both classic and modern chandeliers. Choose between chandeliers made of crystal, chrome, brass or bronze.

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Chandeliers by Modern Light

Chandeliers are the ultimate form of luxury lighting, creating an ambiance of opulent elegance in any room they adorn. At Modern Light, we craft the finest pieces using the best materials sourced from around the world to give you nothing short of the very best your money can buy!

Chandeliers true beauty is best if harnessed as it is meant to be. Even the most tasteful designs can look gaudy or out-of-place in rooms that are too small or otherwise under-decorated.

Before you buy a chandelier light online, make sure that the designs you’re looking at are suitable for your space. They can add a sense of glamour and elegance to the room if they are the right size, colour, and material for your house.

Buying Chandeliers Online

It’s not always easy to find pieces that suit your spaces by simply looking at pictures when you’re buying chandeliers online. We understand that. That’s why, on our website, we provide you with extensive images of every chandelier so you can visualize the piece better. You can also find measurements and detailed specifications of every chandelier so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Chandelier Collection

There are hundreds of things to consider while shopping for chandeliers online. With our quality assurance, a lot of those factors are things you needn’t worry about. You can focus instead on the finer aspects of design and styling in the search for the perfect chandelier for your house.

To make this process easier for you, we have created collections that bring similarly-styled products together.

In the Luxe Collection, you will find our finest luxury chandelier designs. Every chandelier with any crystal part is listed under the Crystal Collection, with another Collection dedicated to Smart LED Chandeliers. Double Height Chandeliers have their own page, as do all modern chandelier designs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chandeliers

What is a chandelier?

A chandelier is a decorative light with multiple branches of light attached to a single central frame. There are various types of chandeliers, each suitable for different kinds of settings and lighting needs. They are typically very bright and have more than 3 bulb holders.

What is the difference between hanging lights and chandeliers?

Chandeliers are one type of hanging lights. Hanging lights refers to any kind of a light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling, including lanterns, pendant lights, etc. Chandeliers are usually far more grand and glamorous than other types of hanging lights.

What are the types of chandeliers?

There are 8 main types of chandeliers.

Drum chandeliers have a circular external shade surrounding the lights, whereas wagon wheel chandeliers are pieces where the lights are placed exposed on a circular frame that’s suspended from the ceiling.

If these lights are candle-like, it can be called a candle-style chandelier.

Globe chandeliers have a spherical external frame usually made in an open metal design, while Sputnik chandeliers come with a number of light-bearing arms jutting out of a small central globe made of metal.

Empire chandeliers have two or three layers of metal circles held on a single central rod, with metal chains or strings of beads or crystals cascading from one metal circle to the next.

Crystal chandeliers can have any kind of design; they are classified based on the use of crystal in any chandelier design.

Modern chandeliers feature sleek design sensibilities typical to the 21st century, usually with in-built LED lights.

Which type of chandelier should I buy?

This depends on the kind of aura you want your space to have. Things to look out for while buying chandeliers include the immediately visible colour, material type, dimensions, colour of the light, and design style of your room.

A large, Victorian-style chandelier is stunning and will create an aura of opulence & style, but it will not look good in a room with an otherwise modern design.

What is the right size of chandelier for my room?

Ideally, the lowest point of a chandeleir light should be at least 7 feet from the floor of a room. To find the ideal diameter of a chandeleir for your living room, add the length and breadth (in feet) of your living room. The number you get should be the diameter of the chandelier in inches. So if your bedroom is 30ft x 22ft, then you should buy a chandelier that’s (30+22 = 52) 52 inches in diameter.