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House Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Lights! Lights! Lights! A single term so anonymously bonded with our everyday life. From depending on natural light to dictate our sleep and work schedules, to incorporating advanced forms of lighting to minute details in each room, we have come a long way. Let’s take a look at the journey the illuminus world of lighting took to become such an integral part of our homes.

Around 70,000 BC, humans realised the need of relying on artificial lighting and thus evolved the concept of wicks using natural fat. Thousands of years later, torches became common place for lighting up homes and in the medieval ages, animal fat and candles played an important role. The dark medieval ages, were well, not so dark! Candle holders or chandeliers actually became quite popular for its novelty and were often used as a display of opulence of dynasties.

And since then the world has progressed by leaps and bounds when it comes to lighting up our homes over the last few centuries! From bulky candles to intelligent lighting systems controlled by just a tap, we sure have come a long way. Lighting plays an important role in defining your home aesthetics and upping its glamorous quotient.

Thoughtful home lighting ideas can work magic in a dim space, enhance interiors, highlight corners and conjure up a warm atmosphere. Lighting often gets neglected as home-owners focus on other minute aesthetics of home-decor. But do trust experts – lighting plays a vital role in putting the spotlight on different elements of decor. It is essential to understand proper utilisation and placement of lighting for optimal results and a home that lights up your life!

Before deciding the lighting of your home, you need to understand the basic types and their characteristics. Each type is good for a particular space in the house. So here goes a must-know list for room decoration ideas with lights. Be it living room lighting ideas or lamp decoration ideas, we have it all put out for you.

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Ambient lighting is your room main light source

Ambient lights on the living room ceiling brighten up the whole space. Ambient lighting is your room’s main light source. It blankets your room in soft light, enhances visibility and provides far-reaching illumination. This kind of lighting lets you navigate your entire room safely. You’ll only trip on a wonderful ambience and not your belongings!

Task Lighting Ideas For Your Home

A simple bedside lamp for your late night reading or browsing
When you’re reading, typing or doing anything else at close range, this kind of lighting puts the spotlight on the task at hand. It works well in a contrast light setting. For example, a high-beam table lamp in a low-lit room is more effective than a harsh, high-glare light all around.

Accent Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Spotlights over your kitchen counter is a kitchen lighting idea for easy meal preparation.
Accent lighting sets the ambience of your space by channelling concentrated light at a focal point. This kind of lighting creates a theatrical look by illuminating statement pieces and blurring forgettable areas. Consider using accent lighting to highlight artwork, shelves, furniture and architectural flourishes in your home interiors.

Now that you are well acquainted with different types of lighting techniques you can use, lets go ahead and pick the best one for each room. Location, style and home dimension are all factors to consider. Remember no two rooms require the same mood and ambience, so you’ve got to choose wisely.

Fabulous Foyer Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Pendant lights down the foyer for drawing room lighting
Your foyer makes the first impression, so it’s important to deck it with warm and welcoming lighting. Ambient lighting options like chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces bathe your area in soft, golden light and create an inviting look. And if you want to highlight focal points, add some accent lighting with focus lights. It’s a great home lighting idea, one that puts your home in the spotlight.

Lighting Up Your Living Room
Table lamps and ceiling spotlights make your living room cozy and liveable.
The living room is a versatile space, so it’s important you let it slide between mellow and exuberant. Opt for functional lighting through a layered combination of overhead lights, floor lamps and table lamps. And install dimmers to dial up the ambience or down as you please. Simple isn’t it?
Deck Up Your Dining Room
A statement chandelier over your dining table is just the right dose of colour and lighting.
Your dining room is a space reserved for intimate meals and warm conversation, so it’s a good idea to give it a relaxed, off-duty vibe. Just like in the living room, add dimmers to transform your space from diner chic to dinner party glam in seconds. Opt for a statement chandelier or pendant over your dining table, and mood lighting by way of floor lamps. If you have only one electrical connection reserved for a fan, choose a model with inbuilt accent lights. There’s no better way to add pizzazz to your dining space than with a head-turning light.
Bedroom Lighting For Every Mood

Pendant lights dangle down for a classy, minimalist look.
Consider turning your bedroom into a relaxing, restful haven with mellow mood lighting. Bedside lamps, sconces with dimmers and a restrained pendant or chandelier channels a quiet glam into your bedroom. Your room will sparkle while still channelling serenity for you to get the deepest sleep!